REDEMPTION ROASTERS Yule Brew Coffee / Columbia & Rwanda


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Rafael Reyes, the proud owner of El Diviso in La Unión, Nariño, Colombia, is 91 years old and has been growing coffee since he was a child. Now a great-grandfather, he continues to run the farm with three of his seven children and is proud that through his work, his family sees producing coffee as a good way of living.

The Humure Washing Station in Gatsibo District, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, is managed entirely by women. The station supports the smallholder farmers who work with them, providing them with loans to help with production costs and seedlings to renew aging rootstock.

Together, these coffees make a blend built on family, support, and generosity, making them the perfect choice for this seasonal blend.

Working Chance is a charity that helps women with criminal convictions to develop their employability and self-belief. They carry out valuable work helping to shift prejudiced attitudes about women with convictions and to educate people about the issues that often underlie women’s offending.

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